We are an Award nominated Company and Category Finalist (2015) working with Postgraduate Candidates and the Business Sector. Writers, editors & mentors at The Book Hub Publishing Group Thesis Clinic provide the opportunity to content write, forensically edit, and/or proofread a variety of publications/communications — freelance for you as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or, indeed, your business organization. Our editors can also show you how to self-edit by choosing extracts of your writing and highlighting areas that require attention. As Communications Specialists, we have significant project management experience and are able to research, extrapolate, translate, and condense technical jargon into compelling, clear, concise, conceptual copy. The team has a broad range of disciplines and directives in the production of print and online communications. Additionally, we have teacher/trainer/lecturer/facilitator experience, including curriculum development and instructional design up to Doctoral & Post Doctoral level. We also have considerable experience in grant applications and business plan development for the SME sector.

Dr. Rosie Delaney, Science Editor

Dr. Rosie Delaney

Science Editor & Marketing Surveillance

Dr. Rosie Delaney is a senior pharmaceutical Market Access and Marketing professional, with a strong scientific and health economic academic background. With over two decades operational Market Access and Marketing experience across Global Pharmaceutical, Vaccine and Medical Device corporations, Rosie has a proven ability in leadership, strategic plan development and delivery in a variety of in-country and above-country roles, up to European Market Access Director level. She has responsibility for Science Theses and projects with the Clinic.

Laura Olsen

Laura Olsen

Senior Stats Analyst

Laura Olsen holds a first class Masters Degree from the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) in Neuropharmacology. With 5+ years of experience in academic/industry research in Ireland and the U.S., she has extensive data analysis and research methods knowledge. Laura has also co-lectured statistics courses at NUIG. She provides statistical analysis and manuscript editing support with the Clinic and TheDocCheck.com in addition to market surveillance. 


Dr. Bochao Yang

International Law & Relations

Dr Bochao Yang is a graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway. He holds academic qualifications from both China and Ireland and is currently based in Beijing where he travels back and forth. Dr. Yang has a particular interest in international studies holding an LLB, LLM and PhD. 

Johanna Treacy, Psychotherapist, M.A.

Johanna Treacy

Psychotherapist & Training

Johanna Treacy is professionally trained, insured and accredited as a member of the following recognised professional bodies in Ireland, such as Career Guidance Counsellor (IGC); Psychotherapy/Counselling (IAHIP, ICP,IACP); Life & Business Coach (LBCAI), Clinical Hypnotherapist (IHA). She has further training in Family Mediation & Conflict Resolution (MAGS) and Training & Education (NUI). Johanna works in consulting and training initiatives with us and works in mediation and conflict resolution. 


Susan Nic Cionnaidh

Clinic Director

Susan Nic Cionnaidh is a first class honours graduate of the Higher Education And Training Awards Council in the area of social care. She has lectured in the IoT sector and has published academically in Ireland and abroad. Her empirical work took her to both Europe and North America. She has two decades experience in human services and writes and edits in the areas of children, childhood and families. 

John M

John O' Mhaidain

Mental Health Specialist & Training

John Madden holds a Masters Degree in social care and has specialised in mental health, suicide awareness and social and community issues. He has presented workshops and training seminars nationally. John works with us across our subsidiary companies in training, social media management, research and content writing. He is scheduled to contribute a chapter to each of our five Mental Health For Millennials volumes with Book Hub Publishing in addition to editing one of the volumes. 


Meghann Ni Scolai

Wellness & Mental Health

Meghann Ni Scolai is a graduate of the Masters in Journalism programme at the National University of Ireland at Galway. She writes wellness blogs for the Hub Clinic on a range of mental heath topics. Meghann is a broadcaster and journalist and her own book, 'Broken Love: My Journey Through Loss & Grief' was released in Spring 2018. She will contribute a chapter in each of our five Mental Health For Millennials volumes with The Book Hub Publishing Group. 

Rebecca Housel

Dr. Rebecca Housel

Dr. Rebecca Housel, trademarked as the #PopCultureProfessor, did her graduate work at University of Rochester in New York in Editing and Publishing, and post-graduate research in Narrative Medicine at University of New South Wales in Sydney with multiple books published in nine languages and sold in 70 countries around the world. Housel's blog on http://RebeccaHousel.com  has more than 1,000,000 readers. 



Dr Niall MacGiollaBhui is the Clinic's Senior Communications Consultant. He was written four books himself and co-authored another eight with colleagues around the world. Niall has lectured and presented workshops in Scandinavia, the UK, Ireland and from cost to coast Canada. He specialises in one to one mentoring of Theses in the qualitative tradition and has a particular interest in working with CEOs, corporates and professional sports persons. He ghostwrites material for clients. Niall is the co-series editor of #MentalHealthForMillennials volumes 1-5.