Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation Coaching

Meeting with the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic staff on a regular basis over the lifetime of your research project can dramatically boost your productivity, provide support, and help you to set up a structure with realistic goals to get you from Diploma to PhD status. From dissertation coaching with us, you can expect to gain: Self-confidence in your …

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Dissertation Consulting

Over the past several years, we have helped many doctoral candidates receive their PhD, with several being offered the opportunity to have their work published in journal articles soon after. Every step of the way, we will remain with you as your dedicated dissertation consultant, assisting you with all steps of the process, including Topic selection …

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The Dissertation Editing Process

Our Dissertation Editing Process The Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic has a team of experienced dissertation editors who are experts at preparing documents for submission and publication. Our team reviews formatting, writing and grammar, and reference and citation aspects of our clients’ work. Formatting APA numbered lists Appendix formatting Automatic lists of tables and figures Automatic table …

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Dissertation or Thesis?

Dissertation or Thesis? Dr. Niall McElwee This is something I’m asked all the time at the Clinic. What is the difference between a Dissertation and a Thesis? Well, a thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings. In some contexts, …

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What the Clinic Fixes When We Proofread Documents

What we fix when we proofread   ♦ grammar♦ typographical errors♦ misspellings♦ punctuation♦ comma splices♦ sentence fragments♦ run-on sentences♦ subject-verb agreement♦ verb tense♦ double negatives♦ sequence of words♦ incorrect prepositions♦ adjective and adverb use♦ noun strings♦ countable and uncountable nouns♦ preposition at the end of a sentence♦ pronoun-antecedent agreement♦ pronoun case agreement♦ agreement errors♦ beginning a …

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What Should a Really Good Editorial Service Provide for a Student?

A really good dissertation editing service focuses on these components in the editing process: Advice and Counsel: Scrupulous care of your dissertation should be a given. To accomplish this, as we work on your document, you will have continual access to your editor. We believe communication is an indispensable component of a superior editing service. Overall …

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Dissertation Coaching

Premium Quality Thesis Consultancy Subject Specialist PhD Experts. Diploma, Degree, Masters & PhD – All Levels Covered Premium Quality at Lowest Price CONSULTATION FOR ALL STAGES OF YOUR THESIS Topic Selection & Proposal Introduction Literature Review Research Design & Methodology Data Analysis & Results Conclusion and Implications

What do Colleges and Universities Expect from your Dissertation?

We are often asked by our clients, ‘what does the University or College actually expect from my Thesis?’ That’s a really pertinent question and here’s what we think based on our three decades in this game… 1. THE BASICS As one might expect, there are some essentials expected no matter what the College, Institute or University: Spelling, …

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Academic Tutors @ Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic

The Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic is delighted to add to our Academic Tutors with our latest addition of Aoife Connelly from Kilkenny, now resident in Galway. She has a keen eye for detail which is crucial for any would-be editor. Aoife is an alumnus of NUI Galway holding both an MA in Literature and Publishing and …

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Ethical Writing and Inclusive language in Dissertation Research

It’s difficult to know how to ethically write a dissertation these days as we all try to navigate the ‘woke’ culture whilst simultaneously paying attention to established academic norms. I tend to keep two words in mind when researching and writing – ‘be kind’. This extends to everyone. Inclusive language subscribes to the idea that …

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