Editor’s Introduction to ‘Mental Health For Millennials’ Vol 2

Mental Health For Millennials Introduced by John Madden.

John MMENTAL HEALTH REMAINS at the forefront of conversation, and rightly so. Our awareness has grown exponentially and so too has our crusade to help those who need it most. With that in mind, I would like to welcome you to our second Volume of Mental Health for millennials from The Book Hub Publishing Group. Whether you are new to our series or following on from our first volume, you are in for some interesting reading over the next while. This volume is bursting at the seams with contributions from a host of our established Book Hub and Thesis Clinic writers. There is a uniqueness about this book in the sense that it is widely varied in terms of “where people are coming from”, each with their own views and approaches to (post)modern life.

In this volume, there seemed to be a somewhat organic emergence of crisis prevention and resilience-building strategies. It is not surprising that while our authors developed their chapters that more and more of themselves came through their words and it’s becoming more and more apparent that readers gravitate towards peoples’ individual stories because in many cases, they can relate. This is expressly the intent of the Series Editors in their thinking behind our five volume collection.

A common theme emerged in several chapters, and that is how the authors have individually coped with things that have impacted their lives, whether it was sudden bereavement, bullying, bodily issues or overcoming stressful times. Much of what is reflected is a case of advising our readers to do things that give you positive feelings and happiness, and getting people to slow down. We lived in an uber-fast era of almost immediate gratification, notification and getting that all-important Instagram shot while on vacation, but when was the last time you sat on the grass and did nothing more than watch the clouds go by? If the answer is “I don’t remember” then, we have a problem.

Mental health care is a lot to do with being selfless but we often forget to truly mind ourselves because we are “up the walls”, “flat out”, “under pressure”, “Can’t talk right now”. And all for what? It wasn’t always like this. A lot of this book focuses on self-care but as you will read, self-care is not a complex thing to do. It might be as simple as taking some “Airplane mode” time, dancing like nobody is watching or really getting stuck into a hobby.

In addition to such submissions, we look at how YOU can be truly effective in approaching people you are concerned about and maybe learn a bit more about why they are feeling that way and what brought them to this point.

I genuinely hope that you enjoy reading through this as I know only too well that a huge amount of effort went into its creation. We at Book Hub Publishing are confident that there will be nuggets within the covers that will resonate with you. What is written is sincere and written from the heart, our authors share their lived experiences of dealing with crises whether this is on a personal or on a professional level. Ultimately, there are very few true mental health experts out there; a lot is trial and error, but with trial and error comes success, eventually and maybe from all the concerted learning we can all make a truly impactful movement towards quelling what is often preventable.

We’re all in this together and at the end of the day, mental health difficulties do not discriminate. They can hit anybody at any time.

– John Madden,
M.A., B.A. Pg Dip., Volume Editor, 2018

*Mental Health For Millennials is a Five Volume Series published by The Book Hub Publishing Group.