‘Essays On Covid-19’

From our forthcoming book, ‘Essays on Covid-19’…

This chapter lis written by a human resources consultant, Jennifer Murphy, from the HR & Governance Suite.

“For the duration of my adult life, I have held a deep interest in the power of positive mindset, the phenomenon of resilience and the skills required to remain focused on desired results, regardless of current circumstances. Not unlike most people, there have been ample opportunites in my life to test this theory when faced with scenarios one considers less than ideal. The recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has generated a reset like no other to date, in the 21st century. A global reshuffle of priorities, expectations and demands on both professional and personal experiences has occurred.

Having spent over a decade as a Human Resource Practitioner, I genuinely thought I had seen it all. In my role, I deal with all aspects of the employee lifecycle within an organisation, which in and of itself requires an ability to connnect, build a raport and cultivate relationships with vast numbers of people. Often, situations give rise for a deeper understanding or knowledge of an employee’s personal life when external circumstances impact their ability to perform in their role.

Broadly speaking, pre pandemic, my key objectives were focused upon the strategic positioning of human capital to ensure effective and consistent implimentation of practices which deliver overall organisational goals. The priviledge from my perspective, is to have input at a senior strategic level within which, my decisions bear influence upon the organisational culture and contribute to the ultimate overall performance…”

*’Essays On Covid-19′ will be published by TheDocCheck.Com in summer 20

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