We provide one-to-one assistance to postgraduate students at various stages of the research process such as:

  • Choosing your research topic
  • Assistance in structuring your thesis proposal
  • Assistance and review of grant applications
  • Access to resources
  • Selection of literature
  • Literature reviews
  • Choosing your research samples, qualitative versus quantitative research
  • Research design and methodology
  • Interpretation and analysis of findings
  • Data analysis and results
  • Graph and table creations
  • Conclusion and implications
  • Bibliography and footnoting
  • Referencing styles and indexing
  • Final touches
  • Preparation for viva voce (oral defence of thesis)
  • Assistance in producing journal articles based on your research
  • Getting published
  • Choosing the correct conference at which to deliver your paper

We can also provide academic mentoring and coaching including:

  • Choosing the best course for you in terms of location, pricing, qualifications, award structure, length of course, access to services such as postgraduate and mature student services
  • Review of proposed programme of study
  • How to structure your study time
  • How to approach study using the S.M.A.R.T. method
  • How to manage your college allocated supervisor
  • How to manage your peers when working as part of a group

If you’d like to discover how the Dissertation Doctor can help you, just send us a chapter of your thesis to and we’ll provide a FREE sample edit of your thesis! We’ll choose a section to proof-read, edit and format for you.

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