The Importance of a Writing Mentor

‘The Importance of a Writing Mentor.’
by Niall MacGiolla Bhuí, PhD.
Having a writing mentor can be crucial to an author’s success for several reasons. Here are some benefits as I see it, after mentoring over fifty authors since 2009:
*Motivation and accountability: Writing a book requires a level of self-discipline that can be very challenging to maintain, especially with so many distractions around us now. A mentor can provide encouragement and inspiration, keeping the author focused and committed. Regular check-ins with the mentor can also keep the author on track.
*Guidance and inspiration: Writing can be a lonely and frustrating process, especially when the words don’t flow. A mentor can help the author open up the plot, explore the story, and build the characters and narrative structure. The mentor can also suggest fresh directions and ideas, helping to inspire and reignite the author’s passion.
*Feedback and critique: A mentor can provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. They can help the author develop their style and tone, ensuring consistency throughout the work. A mentor can also provide an objective view of the work, identifying areas that need improvement.
*Industry expertise and insights: A mentor can offer valuable insights into the writing industry, providing guidance on how to navigate the tricky waters. They can also open doors to new industry connections and help the author elevate their brand.
*Learning from experience: A mentor is someone who has experience working in the industry and has been in the author’s shoes. They can offer guidance, perspective, and advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
In summary, a writing mentor can push an author to improve their writing skills, provide guidance and inspiration, offer feedback and critique, provide industry expertise and insights, and help the author learn from experience.

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