Writing a Thesis Abstract

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Writing a Thesis Abstract

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Consider the aim and purpose of the abstract. The rule of thumb here is simply that your abstract is intended to inform your reader about the core, most salient aspects of your work so that he or she can decide whether or not to bother reading the rest of your paper.
So, it’s worth giving considerable time to this process. Here’s a few things you can think about as you write:

  1. what it is that you’re talking about (your subject matter)
  2. why he/she should care (why the subject matter might be important to a reader)
  3. what you found (or hope to find out) about the subject matter (what your research question or intention is)
  4. How you learned (or intend to learn) about the subject matter (the research methodology).
  5. what your conclusions were (when appropriate–conclusions don’t belong in the abstract of a dissertation or thesis proposal).

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