The “Ins” and “Outs” Of the DDC: Integrity & Privacy

From The Desk Of The Dissertation Doctor

Academic Integrity Policy:

The Management and Staff of the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic view our positions as that of personnel who assist our clients in the educational process. We view the integrity of the academic process as a cornerstone of the advancement of knowledge and, as such, wish to state the following:

Data Integrity:

All data received by the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic for the purposes of analysis is to be an honest and true record. “Invented” data may not be used in academic work without prior authorization from the tutor and acknowledgement. All data sources must be thoroughly documented and accompany the work.


When referencing information from an outside source, the client must acknowledge the actual source from which the information was obtained. All references must be cited appropriately and according to the style guides applicable to the work in question  (such as Harvard or APA). Original quotes must be denoted as such.


Plagiarism, commonly understood as passing off another’ ideas as one’s own, is unacceptable in any academic work. Original research is the heart of academic exploration and, accordingly, the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic does not endorse the usurpation of another’s effort. All draft documents created by the staff here are intended as educational tools to enlighten and edify our clients’ studies. The obvious and sole exception to the submission policy would be for clients of our Editing Services. In such cases, the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic is explicitly assisting the client with preparation of the work for submission as per the standard set forth by the client.

The preceding sets forth the Academic Integrity Policy. The Management of the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic wishes the above to be understood by our prospective and current clients and encourage any questions be directed to the Clinic.

Privacy Statement:

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of an organization like the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic. Our principal activities include editing, proofreading and writing services. Our privacy policy covers the Clinic and its Website. The website address is www.dissertationdoctorsclinic.com

We provide our visitors with anonymous access. You can access our Website home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. Our Website does not enable our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others. We do not use cookies on our Website. We do not automatically log personal data nor link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals. When our visitors send us an email to employ our services, we record their personal data in order to communicate with them about their ordered services. This information is used only for purposes of communication with this visitor or customer. It is not used for any other purposes.

*When our customers send us documents to be edited, we keep these documents private.  We do not share them with anyone. You can feel confident that your paper, thesis, resume, dissertation, letter or any other document is kept completely confidential

Plagiarism Review Check:

The Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic subscribes to several plagiarism review data banks. As a dissertation student who has, no doubt, spent hundreds of hours on your thesis you will not want to fall at the final hurdle – being ‘caught’ or detected as having borrowed or lifted material from original sources. Our experience is that many students do this by mistake as opposed to setting out to cheat. Colleges and Universities have very different rules on what they consider permissible in terms of plagiarized material. Some Colleges have an upper limit of only 8% whilst others allow as much as 20% depending on the discipline and level of award. You have enough stress in your life so eliminate any accusations of plagiarism by availing of our trusted service.

The Clinic will run your material through specific software and provide you with a detailed, line by line analysis so you are absolutely clear (a) what has been picked up and (b) what you need to do to remedy this. In this time of the world wide web and cloud technologies, you will need to ensure the work submitted by you is your own.

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